Tea as you brew it


At Herbalabor we discover the world of herbs and tisanes together, we share stories, experiences, so that their use can become more natural and a part of our everyday life.

Consult your doctor, pharmacist or naturopath before use!


You can make it too//

Downloadable templates

You can find freely usable templates and vinyls here, for your self made gift bundles.



Become familiar with herbs, experience their taste and effects for yourself! We’ll help you out with some of our own recipes.

Complementary accessories

Some simple and great tricks, to make your gift packages look even better, if you are looking for something else than our ready made accessories.

As a gift or for your everyday use

Base packages //

We’ve created sketches of herbs, for our environmentally friendly packaging we chose a recycled case, wood excelsior and glass. Our plans include the recycling of glass, and organization of the collection process.

We offer a wide assortment of herbs with related consultancy for companies, so that the colleagues choose what fits them best from our offers.

We are open for personalized requests as well. Based on the individual needs we’ll create the plans and at the Herbalabor workshop we pack the chosen herbs.



Adventures //

The steam of chamomile under a towel… The smell of lavender in grandmas’ cabinet…  The taste of elder-flower syrup or fresh rose hip…

Parents and grandparents usually still have stories with herbs from their childhood, or knowledge passed down from their families. You could experience some touching moments, and could learn still-useful therapies and recipes if you ask them about their experiences.



Read personal interviews about herbs, tips and tricks, producers, experiences that pass down through generations. 

What kind of stories do elders tell us? How do we use herbs nowdays? Where does the knowledge originate from? And more and more exciting questions and answers!

Papa and the planta tea

Papa and the planta tea

Papa is the grandfather of many. Other than the blood relative grandchildren, several more kids had the opportunity to participate in the summer camp he organized. On these trips they explored the countryside, while doing clever and tricky tasks. His knowledge in...

If a “bolgárkertész” grandchild builds a herb garden…

If a “bolgárkertész” grandchild builds a herb garden…

…than it usually ends up being something marvelous. Almost a century ago a gardener couple from Bulgaria moved to Hungary. Their children were not interested in their profession, but one of their grandchildren suddenly became fascinated with plants and the earth. This...

easily understood science


The research of herbs of a pharmacologist and a botanist have outcomes that could be interesting to non-professionals and could even be utilized at home. First, a series about edible flowers, recipes, with experiment results, straight from their laboratory.

Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus L.)

Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus L.)

In the Andes, in Bolivia, in Peru and in Columbia, nowdays people still use the essential oil and the antibiotic-effect mustard-oil for wound-healing, extracted from its leaves, flowers and buds. Also known as Indian cress, it is very versatile: not only adorning the...

Sweet Violet (Viola odorata)

Sweet Violet (Viola odorata)

Edible flowers/part 1. The first of our articles introduces the well known and beloved sweet violet. Interesting facts about violet Homer portrayed the marriage-bed of Zeus and Hera as a soft violet carpet, in Shakespeare's “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Violets were...

Edible flowers

Edible flowers

How do the flowers of herbs and up on our kitchen table, or in the main course of a romantic dinner? Naturally, using edible flowers, we can make the taste and looks of our home cooked meals even more special. In this series we’d like to give you some ideas,...


Tea mixture, made by you//

Would you like to surprise your guests with a gift? We deliver a selection of herbs and tea right to your doorstep. Everyone can pick and choose according to their own taste, from the plants and their wrapping. Later at home you’ll recall making these mixtures together, when you are sipping on your selfmade herb mixtures.

For companies

An assortment of herbs next to the coffee machine for weekdays or at company events, is the perfect gift and helps with team building when your colleagues make their mixtures themselves. 

For weddings

Either we handpick the herbs with you, and the wrapping that best suits your wedding, or your guests can pick and choose themselves, from your very own herb and tea assortment.

Everthing else

We are prepared to provide your guests, at your events with tea mixtures, plants, base ingredients, accessories and professional consulting.

For organizers, organizations!

Set-up your own herb offer with us, then pick a wrapping for them. You can give some space for your guests or colleagues creativity with giving them options of their own.


We’ll help you out with ideas and encourage you to get to know new plants, tastes, smells, make things gifts, creative wrappings, your own ingredients, or just let these things be available for others in your environment.


 …every plant, the ground that it’s grown out of, the wise-woman, even a cup of tea. We like to share these stories with each-other. Here at herbalabor you’ll find useful and heartwarming stories all the time.


Tradition and innovation can go along quite well. We like the conventional tastes and recipes, but love to get to know new ones, and we are always open to try out new technologies and tools.

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