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As a child I’ve always loved to listen to stories of the elders. Even as a teenager my grandmother sat me on her lap and kept telling stories after one another. In our big family, the weekend celebrations were quite regular. At these occasions, we kids listened to the adventures of the grown-ups, sometimes laughing, sometimes gawking. Of course I’ve heard the most amazing stories during weddings, when the grown-ups had a few drinks.

Ever since I’ve started travelling around, I lodge here and there, and try to relive this feeling, when I have the opportunity to listen to others either on a porch, a small shop, a pub, or deep in the forest.

For a long time now I cherished the idea of sharing some of these stories. Because herbs and natural cures have a special place in my life and discussions about them are on the rise these days. I always thought if I’d write about them, others might find these pieces of information useful.

Marianna Makai

What does the linghzi mushroom do in the moca pot?

What does the linghzi mushroom do in the moca pot?

It’s surprising how many people start smiling when it comes up that you pick mushrooms. There are a lot of people who have childhood memories about mushroom-picking, but nowdays most of them don’t have time for it. For beginners, usually on their first mushroom tour...

Papa and the planta tea

Papa and the planta tea

Papa is the grandfather of many. Other than the blood relative grandchildren, several more kids had the opportunity to participate in the summer camp he organized. On these trips they explored the countryside, while doing clever and tricky tasks. His knowledge in...

Stories about herbs

If you have an idea, send it to us!

If you, or someone you know has a good story, even in the farthest corner of the country, – or beyond that – I’d like to sit down with them, and write it down.

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